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Report Transporter - Added functionality for Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS)

Report Emailing System

Our Report Transporter is a software to email encrypted PDF products of your SSRS (Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services) based developed reports to recipients. It plays a time-saving and cost-efficient character; you can configure and execute your SSRS report within the report transporter with the required parameters. This will immediately do the following steps at the click of a button.

  • Make a PDF version of the report.
  • Encrypt individually with different/ same password (if required) 
  • Email to recipient’s email addresses.


  • SSRS reports can be configured to wizard a single time. 
  • Security is done at the menu and report level.
  • Passwords to encrypt PDF files can be accessed from the database.
  • Email addresses to send emails can be accessed from the database. 

Server-based data reporting tools like SSRS are in rich demand to manage the corporate data for the record and further processing. It includes analysis, creation of reports, and most significantly for keeping an eye on how well the business has been done by the company employees, which products or services are selling better, and which are getting lower sales.

Super progress also depends on authentic reports that contain protection barriers like passwords or pin codes. Employees usually make presentations with the help of reports. That’s why it is vital to guard businesses’ privacy through a report transporter. 

Our report configuration solution is used in the corporate sector in multiple countries globally to convert SSRS reports. It is the primary choice of small to middle-range businesses. It has straightforward functionality that saves time perfectly and secures data from misuse. 

Report Transporter

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