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What is included in Microsoft SQL SERVER Support Services?

Microsoft SQL Server Functional Support

Microsoft SQL Server Functional expertise in modules like

  • Server optimization
  • Server Maintenance
  • Custom query writing
  • SSRS reports development
  • SSIS

Microsoft SQL Server Annual Maintenance Contract

  • Customers can have annual support contracts as well as incidents.

Microsoft SQL Server Support Services

Own a server for making a database. Microsoft SQL Server is an innovative relational database management system. It is a software product with the central mechanism of saving and recovering data, as other software applications appeal. 

Businesses carry data related to employees, customers/clients, financers, and stakeholders. It is crucial that the data is comfortably approachable but stays secure from unauthorized reach. 

The system is developed to be in charge of data. The mechanism aids several business intelligence operations, analytics operations, and transaction processing. The data secured on the server is saved in the relational database. However, since the system is above a database, it is made up of a management system. 

Structured Query Language, abbreviated as (SQL), is a computer language that fixes and administers the server. There are many versions of the SQL server, each following version being a better lookalike of its predecessor.

Businesses that keep sensitive customer details such as personal, credit card, and other confidential information will enjoy heavy security. The information database holds equal to the business’s superb backup system. The system also permits sharing of data files by computers in the twin network, which uplifts reliability to a greater extent. The SQL server also enriches the speed by which data is processed, supporting large operations to be executed conveniently.

Our Microsoft SQL Server support services ignite the technological revolution contributing to the business’s well-being and certainty. We offer Functional Support and an Annual Maintenance Contract to facilitate extended support through our valuable services

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